Do you want to be part of an elite that collaborates by sponsoring the event?
There are different possibilities for companies or individuals:
1º You can send us the logo or the name of your company in high resolution, and we would put it on a “banner”, in a common area of ​​the event, facing the public.
2º If you want to have a little more prominence, the name of your company could appear on the electronic “banner” (Digital Screen of the stage).
3º If your company is or may be related to EVENTS and can collaborate by providing the visit of motorsports athletes, actors or musicians, providing activities that can fit in with the event, taking responsibility for a topic such as Private Security, Liability Insurance Civil, Beverage Supply, Light Supply – Generators, etc….
All ideas are welcome and you can contact Ugly Manu by email ( )
There are many companies that collaborate from different sectors and with different characteristics, they all have a place and help us to carry out the event and the different projects that we have for the children of the Hospital.
Come be part of UglyDayspain Sponsors & Collaborators.

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